Thursday, September 08, 2011

Rotisserie League Expansion/Contraction

What if a Major League team switches leagues? How will this impact your Rotisserie league?

If you're in a mixed league, this is a moot question. But if you're in an A.L. or N.L.-only, this is something to consider.

A report earlier this summer indicated that the Houston Astros could move to the American League. If that happened, how would this impact a Rotisserie league?

I would keep a "standard" 12-team A.L.-only at 12 teams. Having played in a 13-team N.L. for 16 National League teams, the talent pool is thin enough. Going 13/15 would be extremely difficult. For the same reasons, you might want to consider contracting an N.L. to 12 teams...though in a strong league, it would be hard to push any owners out the door.

Another option for N.L.-onlies, though, would be to allow the Astros to stay in the N.L. player pool. Is this a good idea?

Probably not. While in some ways it's the "fairest" solution, it is inelegant for a number of reasons.

What happens if an Astro is traded to another National League team in-season? Do you get to keep him? Can you pick up players traded from the National League to the Astros in season? Are minor leaguers who are promoted by the Astros allowed into the pool?

For leagues that allow players from the "other" league to be kept - either until the end of this season or until the end of a Rotisserie contract - this isn't an issue. And this seems to be the best answer. Use your current rules as a guide. If you allow players to be kept for the rest of the season who are in the N.L, let the Astros in the N.L. stay in one more year. If you don't, then don't.

I personally would say tough luck. I don't like the idea of keeping players flipped to the "other" league and that's why I don't play in mixed leagues. Obviously, what works for your league is always best.

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mike fenger said...

(Sorry, accidentally posted this under the wrong post.)

Another possible solution if you don't want to boot an owner would be to drop a couple of roster slots from each team. (My home league expanded rosters to 25 instead of adding a 13th team, so we would probably just go back to 23-man rosters.)

I can't say I'm excited about the prospect of interleague games every day, though . . .