Monday, September 19, 2011

N.L. FAAB Log: September 19, 2011

Rick Ankiel $10.  Other bid: $5.
The first place team (by 18 points) purchased Ankiel to replace Nick Evans (.268/4/21).  Perhaps this is just a harbored prejudice against Evans, or perhaps it is a potential keep play.  Regardless, if you are locked in an average battle, you will want to steer clear.

Kevin Millwood $4.  Other bids: $1, $1.
Millwood was picked up by the third-place team as a two start pitcher this week.  He gets the Padres (in Colorado) and the Astros (in Houston against Bud Norris).  This particular team could finish as high as second or as low as fifth, and while he is holding off a charge from another team in wins, is also trying to preserve ERA and WHIP points.  He hit lightning in a bottle once with Millwood; we will see how he does this time around.

Eric Surkamp $4.  Other bids: $1, $1.
The second-place team picked up Surkamp for his start against the Diamondbacks in Arizona this week.  Surkamp has a 4.37 FIP and 5.34 xFIP, is an extreme fly ball pitcher, and is in Arizona.  This team is safe in WHIP, but could go backwards in strikeouts and ERA, so this pick-up is a bit puzzling.

Detwiler is a two-start pitcher this week. He gets the Phillies and Braves this week; these are not the greatest of matchups. On the flip side, the third place team needs the wins (see Kevin Millwood).

Ohlendorf has not been very good in September, but this is a strikeouts play by the fourth place team, and the Diamondbacks strike out quite a bit.  If the Diamondbacks make contact, however, the worst case scenario is that this team finishes fifth.

Waiver Claims:
Chase d’Arnaud.

Nolasco carries an $18 salary as a waiver claim, and went to the eleventh-place team.  That team does have some points to gain in the pitching categories in order to move up in the draft standings, so this move makes sense. 

Westbrook is a look-see for the first-place team, perhaps hoping to trade him in the off-season.  Westbrook does get an excellent matchup against the Mets this week, and is a pick-up target for contenders.

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