Monday, August 22, 2011

N.L. FAAB Log: August 22, 2011

Jose Lopez $18.  Other bids: $6, $4.
I discussed Lopez and his power potential on Friday.  This is an aggressive bid from the fourth place team.  Jeff Baker needed to go, and Lopez is getting at-bats.  As I have said in previous columns, full-time at-bats are difficult to find at this point in the season, and, therefore, this bid makes some sense.  Moreover, in a league with runs as a category, it is difficult to stay in contention without everyday players.

Mike Cameron $9.  Other bids: $3.
I wrote about Cameron in this week's Gearing Up as well.  This is another aggressive bid from the fourth place team, waiving Corey Patterson in the process.  Again, at-bats are at a premium, and the fourth place team needs counting stats.  This owner is also buried in average, so he can take the hit.

This bid is from the current leader.  He put Brian Wilson on the disabled list this week, and needed an effective pitcher to replace him.  Elbert does not pitch many innings, but strikes out a batter an inning in a big ballpark.  He is a relatively safe pick.

The third place team put in this bid after failing to get James Loney, Chris Nelson, Jose Lopez or Mike Cameron.  As I said in this week’s Gearing Up, Valdez is getting a chance to play with Polanco on the disabled list, and, with Jimmy Rollins tweaking a groin today, should continue to see more at-bats in the week to come.

The third place team waived Micah Owings for Estrada.  While Estrada has pitched rather effectively, he is back in the bullpen with the activation of Chris Narveson.  Given that the contingent bid was for Ramon Ramirez, this owner appeared to be looking for a starter…if you are going to bid on these two guys, Kevin Millwood was likely worth a bid as well.

Ceda replaces Pat Maholm for the second place team.  Ceda strikes some guys out, but is a bit of a risk because of his control issues.

I wrote about Hamren on Friday; the thirteenth place team was clearly reading.

Roenicke has pitched well in relief in the National League so far.  He is merely roster filler for the eighth place team.

I have absolutely no answer for this move from the tenth place team, other than he either wanted the complete Phillies catching corps or wanted a catcher with absolutely no value whatsoever.

James Loney.  Claimed by the 10th, 7th, 5th, 3rd and 1st place teams.
I wrote about Loney on Friday.  This claim may seem awkward at first, coming from the tenth place team, but there are several elements at work.  First, this team has an opportunity to move up (it took a free-fall this week, dropping 8.5 points and a couple of slots in the draft order).  Second, regardless of how poorly Loney has played this year, you do not want to hand a potential free keep to a competitor (in our league, a waiver player becomes a free agent for the following week if not claimed).  

Chris Nelson.  Claimed by the 12th, 8th, 4th and 3rd place teams.
The twelfth place team claimed Nelson to replace the recently farmed-out Logan Morrison.  I am sure the contenders loved the claims from the twelfth and eighth place teams, but both teams have a chance to move up in the standings.  Nelson is playing everyday, and has a chance to help any team down the stretch...contenders should have an eye on him.  I think it is unlikely, however, that he is a keep at $10 (our default salary for players with free agent bids under $10) next year.

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