Monday, August 15, 2011

A.L. FAAB Log: August 15, 2011

Salvador Perez $2. Other bid: $1.
There has been moderate buzz surrounding Perez. Some are looking at him, thinking 21-year-old catcher, and jumping in with both feet. From a Rotisserie perspective, this would be a mistake. Perez's strength right now is his defense. While this means that he could stick, his offense is a work in progress. Perez doesn't have a lot of power, his BB/AB is poor, and he has all of 358 plate appearances in the high minors. Right now, you're probably looking a .240-.260 hitter with limited power and no speed. This makes him a second-tier catcher in A.L.-only assuming that Perez does win the starting job outright and isn't just keeping Matt Treanor's seat warm.

Russ Branyan $1. Other bid $1.
Branyan's huge pinch-hit HR off of Mariano Rivera garnered Branyan some attention, but the big man is just a pinch hitter these days, buried behind Mark Trumbo and the Angels OF/DH rotation on the Angels bench. He'll pop the occasional HR but still isn't worth having on your active roster.

Pena is a two true outcomes hitter; he’s missing the walks. This swing-at-everything approach worked wonders this year for Pena at AAA, but it has led to him getting eaten alive in the bigs. Entering today, Pena had 50 plate appearances, five HR and 21 strikeouts in the Majors. He's got a short window with the Mariners while Justin Smoak is on the shelf, but I wouldn't bid unless you're desperate for home runs.

Richards was profiled in this past week's Gearing Up.

Last week at this time, it seemed like Chavez was going to be the Yankees primary DH and Jorge Posada was headed to the bench. But with Posada's huge game on Saturday and Chavez's cold week, I'm wondering if more of a job share might be in order. Fluid situations like these are bad for fantasy owners, particularly at this time of year when your goal should be to have regular AB at every position. Jesus Montero might make this all moot anyway if the Yankees give him the call as some expect they will this month.

McDonald will pop the odd HR, but his sub-.200 batting average and extremely limited playing time aren't things that push fantasy teams toward championships. 

Tateyama's numbers have been great out of the bullpen as a middle man. The drawback to owning Tateyama is that he only seems to pitch every second or third day. He's more of a safe option at the back of your staff than a top middle reliever to own, particularly if you need the strikeouts.

It has been the same story with Jones most of this season. He has mashed against LHP, been subpar against RHP, and has mostly found himself on the Yankee bench. The HR/AB ratio is nice, but chances are good that if you own Jones he’s already had his moderate hot streak and won’t put together another one.

Chris Getz. Claimed by 12th place team.

Juan Pierre. Claimed by 10th, 5th and 2nd place teams.

Rich Harden. Claimed by 9th and 6th place teams.

Guillermo Moscoso. Claimed by 6th place team.

Jim Thome. Claimed by 5th place team.

Hisanori Takahashi. Claimed by 2nd place team.

Tim Wakefield. Claimed by 1st place team.


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