Sunday, July 03, 2011

N.L. FAAB Log: July 4, 2011

Welcome to the Independence Day version of the N.L. FAAB Log.  Happy Birthday America, and, to celebrate, here are this week's FAAB purchases:

Alex Presley $41.  Other bids: $23, $15, $14, $12, $10, $9, $8, $3, $2, $2.
Mike wrote about Presley on Friday.  Presley has not disappointed, hitting .304 with one home run, five runs batted in and one stolen base in 23 at-bats.  This bid is very aggressive, but could wind up being a nice buy at this stage of the season.

Mat Gamel $20.  Other bids: $14, $14, $10, $10, $2, $1, $1, $1.
Mike wrote about Gamel on Wednesday.  Unlike Presley, Gamel has not had an instant impact, going only 2-15 to start his major league season.  The team that bought Gamel is playing for next year.  I do not see Gamel as a keep at $20, but he is cap-friendly for trading purposes at this price.  

Mark Ellis $15.  Other bids: $13, $12, $10, $10, $9, $5.
We did not have time to write about Ellis earlier due to the holiday weekend commitments.  Ellis just moved from a terrible hitters park to a very, very good hitters park.  This alone will improve his numbers across the board.  His defense will keep him in the lineup.  Considering his career earning performances, he should earn another $8-$10 this year in steals, homers and average, and, as such, is an important addition to any contender lineup.

Tony Campana $6.  Other bids: $1, $1.
Campana certainly wowed fantasy earners early-on with his speed.  His playing time is inconsistent, however, and he has only stolen two bases in the last three weeks.  If you are desperate for speed, Campana is still fast, but do not expect much unless there is an injury.

Sean Burroughs $2.  Other bids: $1.
Burroughs has seven at-bats in the past three weeks.  He has no fantasy value.

Bryan Petersen $2.  Other bids: $1.
Peterson has eight at-bats this year.  He has pop in the bat, but does not play enough to warrant a roster spot.

Alberto Gonzalez $2.
Gonzalez has well over 100 at-bats this year, and has really picked up the average over the past few weeks.  He has a lot of position flexibility, but just does not get consistent at-bats.  If desperation calls, this is an answer; a bad answer, but an answer nonetheless.

Jose Veras $2.
The strikeouts are beginning to fall off, but Veras continues to pitch well.  He is a serviceable reliever if you need one.

Vance Worley.  Claimed by the 13th, 11th, 6th and 1st place teams.

Tony Gwynn, Jr.  Claimed by the 9th, 8th, 7th 6th and 1st place teams.

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