Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My Usual Trade Deadline Pep Talk

Todd's league has a mid-week FAAB deadline so he's wondering what to bid on Colby Rasmus.
How much would you bid for Rasmus in an AL-only league? Everything you've got? We FAAB tomorrow.
Some owners would comb through Tim Dierkes website with a fine toothed comb, try to figure out if anyone else is coming into the American League who is better than Rasmus, maybe try to figure out if there is some kind of angle where Josh Willingham plus Melky Cabrera is greater than Rasmus and can somehow be swung if all of the FAAB bidding aligns correctly and...


I give the same advice every year. Act like there is no tomorrow when it comes to your FAAB. If you have the money - and you don't have any cap concerns - I'd spend big on Rasmus. He's almost definitely the best player that is going to come in. If you're wrong and someone better comes in, I think it was better to make your play than to come up short and see the trade market dry up.

Every year, there are players whose names get bandied about who don't get traded. Some of these players will get traded, but many won't. Bidding conservatively on Rasmus because Heath Bell might get traded to the American League doesn't make sense to me. You know Rasmus is here. You don't know what's going to happen tomorrow any more than anyone else following baseball does right now.

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