Monday, June 27, 2011

N.L. FAAB Log: June 27, 2011

Chase d’Arnaud $25.  Other bids: $15, $10, $10, $6, $2.
D’Arnaud found his way into the Gearing Up column this week; perhaps I should have written about him separately given the winning bid this week.  I did predict to Mike on the phone last night that he would go in the high-teens or low-twenties, so this is not too far off.  Given the buying team’s middle infield situation (Bill Hall and Wilson Valdez to do with a just traded Starlin Castro), this bid is not a surprise.

Wily Mo Pena $10.  Other bids: $10, $8, $6, $1.
I wrote about Pena on Friday, but wanted to add that he is the same old Wily Mo.  So far this year in 23 plate appearances: 4 hits, 2 home runs, 3 runs batted in, 11 strikeouts, 0 walks.  The Pena experiment will last about as long as the Diamondbacks can tolerate the strikeouts, and then it will be back to hitting home runs for Bridgeport in the Independent League.

Jason Giambi $2.  Other bids: $1, $1.
The Jason Giambi Resurgence Tour continues in a ball-park near you.  So far this year, in 72 at-bats, Giambi has posted 8 home runs and 19 runs batted in, quite an achievement for the 40 year old.  I do not suspect this will keep up all year, and interleague play is soon coming to an end.  Nonetheless, I think he is a must own if you need to fill any type of dead spot on your squad in NL-only.

Kyle Kendrick $2.  Other bids: $1.
The Phillies originally announced that Kendrick would start on Friday, but it appears that Worley will start instead.  Kendrick heads back to the bullpen where he is relatively worthless in 5x5…well, let us just leave it at “relatively worthless.”

Fryer is a 26 year old catcher who moved up to AAA this year with a strong start to the AA season.  Unfortunately, his average and power dropped off quite a bit with the move.  He is up to provide some depth to the catcher slot.  He could hit a couple of home runs in limited playing time.

Jason Isringhausen $1.  Other bids: $1.
Back at the end of April, I wrote about Isringhausen.  His interiors suggest that he is okay, but has been tremendously fortunate so far in terms of giving up runs.  There are better relievers out there, particularly for purposes of 5x5. ().

My vote for Mr. Irrelevant in fantasy leagues this year.  Lugo was hitting .231 in AAA and stinks defensively.  Pass.

Given the number of other outfielders ahead of Lewis in the Cincinnati outfield, his one home run, 10 runs batted in and 3 caught stealings do not impress me at all.

Bobby Parnell $1.
Parnell has a nice 24/8 K/BB in 18 innings this year.  His WHIP is a bit high due to giving up 21 hits, but he is serviceable.  There were a number of other relievers available this week, however, with significantly better chances for saves and significantly better strikeout rates, making them more attractive for NL-only 5x5.

Chad Qualls $1.  Other bids: $1.
I wrote about Qualls on Friday.  The strikeout rate remains down and there is a good likelihood he will be on another team in a few weeks.  As far as relievers with a good history go, Qualls is your guy.  The drop in strikeouts, however, has me worried that he will explode at some point in time. 

Dustin Moseley.  Claimed by the 13th, 12th, 11th, 10th, 9th, 7th and 1st place teams.
I wrote about Moseley in the Gearing Up column this week.  His ERA/FIP differential is down to .98, but his xFIP is 4.16.  A couple of other interesting notes about Moseley: he has a 2.36 ERA on the road (he had a lower ERA on the road last year as well is a fairly small sample size); he has given up more home runs at home (5) than on the road (2); and in high leverage situations, Moseley is inducing ground balls 67% of the time, and hitters are posting a less than 9% line drive rate.  Now, most of these numbers cannot hold, but think about this when you stream Moseley in leagues that allow it.

Omar Infante.  Claimed by the 11th, 9th, 8th, 7th, 5th and 1st place teams.
I already wrote everything that needed to be said about Infante on Friday

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