Monday, June 20, 2011

A.L. FAAB Log: June 20, 2011

Zach Stewart $8.

I don't know if I've ever seen two more divergent opinions on a prospect than John Sickels and Kevin Goldstein's (behind the Baseball Prospectus pay wall). Sickels points out that he liked Stewart enough that he had him ranked ahead of Kyle Drabek in 2010 (and still had him as a B+ prospect this year; a pretty high rating). Goldstein isn't nearly as excited as Stewart. I have to agree with Goldstein for now. Stewart's minor league numbers don't impress me. He has been moved around in the minors from rotation to bullpen and back to the rotation, so maybe he's still adjusting, but I think Stewart has a more successful future ahead of him as a reliever. The Jays are committed to Stewart as a starter, though, and the results in his MLB debut against the Orioles probably put him in line for at least a few more starts. I'd be wary, though, especially if the G/F doesn't trend well. Stewart's fastball needs to keep its sink and he needs to keep the ball on the ground if he's going to have any sustainable value this year.

I wrote about Miller on Friday. This is a slick, low risk pick up by a contender. Although Miller wasn't called up until this past weekend, there were enough rumors about his imminent arrival that more than one owner should have been on board here. Non-contenders with FAAB still in their budgets definitely should have bid if only to flip Miller in a future deal (assuming short-term success, of course).

Rosales was going to have trouble finding at-bats in Oakland to begin with, but it's his misfortune that Scott Sizemore and Jemile Weeks are among two of the hottest hitters in baseball at the moment. Rosales is probably slated to get one or two starts a week, but it's questionable that he'll make an impact even in A.L.-only leagues barring an injury.

I wrote Maier up on April 11, and nothing has changed since then. Melky Cabrera, Jeff Francoeur, and Alex Gordon have all met or exceeded expectations, which has left Maier with a mere 38 at bats to date. He's done a great job with those at bats, but doesn't run enough to warrant serious consideration.

I wrote about Wakefield on Friday. Clay Buchholz's injury gives Wakefield a reprieve, and he'll face off against his old team in Pittsburgh on Saturday.

Perkins has reinvented himself quite nicely as a quality set-up man with little to no fanfare and could have a crack at some late season saves if the Twins decide to flip Matt Capps. Perkins' fastball has picked up 2-3 MPH of velocity with his move to the pen and he's also more or less given up on his change. Perkins isn't a true LOOGY, but while his numbers against lefties are devastating, his numbers against righties are merely above average. He's inducing a lot more grounders against LHB, while RHB are hitting a ton of line drives and getting more lift on Perkins' offerings in general. Interestingly enough, righties are whiffing more. It's hard to read too much into anything off of this small sample size, but just be aware that Perkins has been more vulnerable against RHB thus far, and the line drive rate tells me that it's not entirely a fluke.

Holland is a highly unlikely candidate for saves, but his numbers thus far for the Royals in middle relief have been phenomenal. His power fastball, power slider combination makes him hard to hit, particularly against right-handers. A concern with Holland in the past has been control, but that hasn't been an issue this year. He's a definite buy in A.L.-only 5x5 formats.

See Friday's Gearing Up for write-ups on all of the waiver claims below.

Orlando Cabrera. Claimed by 12th, 6th and 3rd place teams.

Tim Collins. Claimed by 9th place team.

Octavio Dotel. Claimed by 7th place team.

Mike McCoy. Claimed by 1st place team.

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