Thursday, May 05, 2011

Logan Forsythe

Dan has an opening, and wants to know about Logan Forsythe:
thoughts on this Logan Forsythe character? Need to replace O-Dog and the wire is a lot of Xavier Paul and Emmanuel Burriss.
A University of Arkansas product, Forsythe had a solid transition to professional ball and sailed through low and high-A ball. A mid-season promotion in 2009 to AA San Antonio seemed to stall Forsythe's development.

This isn't an entirely accurate characterization, though. Forsythe's OBP remained decent; it was his power that took a serious hit. At least some of this was due to his home venue; Baseball Prospectus says that San Antonio plays poorly for right-handed hitters, especially those without strong power. 

Despite the poor year at AA in 2010, Forsythe was promoted to AAA anyway. He was off to a great start thus far prior to the promotion (291/410/488), but he has probably been helped by Tucson as much as he was hurt by San Antonio.

Now he moves to Petco...which will play more like San Antonio than Tucson. John Sickels once compared Forsythe's upside to Joe Randa's. Maybe this is still the case, but for now second base looks crowded for the Pads. Forsythe will have to battle Eric Patterson and Alberto Gonzalez for time at second base, and he's not going to supplant Chase Headley at the hot corner.

Limited HR/SB production + limited playing time = meh option in N.L.-only. I'd go with Paul over Forsythe or Burriss, simply because Paul has a hot hand now, is playing, and Clint Hurdle has brought with him from Colorado his propensity to mix and match his line-up.

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