Friday, May 20, 2011

Gearing Up: N.L. Week 8, May 23-29

News and Notes: Injury Division.

Randy Wells.  We have not spoken of Wells in quite some time, but he is expected to come off the disabled list sometime late next week.  I would suggest keeping him on your bench until he demonstrates that he is healthy and effective.  Casey Coleman is likely to be sent down.

Orlando Hudson.
Hudson is back from the disabled list and should be activated.

Blanton is once again back on the disabled list with elbow soreness and inflammation.  This sounds like a more serious problem than originally thought.  For now, Ruben Amaro says the Phillies are bringing up a reliever to help the bullpen, but I expect Vance Worley to be back up for Tuesday’s start against the Cincinnati Reds.

Another closer bites the dust.  Shortly after getting a shot at the closer role, Padilla finds himself back on the disabled list.  Matt Guerrier will get the bulk of the save opportunities in the short term; the situation is a bit more complicated as we move out a few weeks. Guerrier should be owned in NL-only formats.

Victorino now finds himself on the disabled list, the 12th (by rough count) Phillie to hit the disabled list this year.  Unfortunately, there really are no good replacement options on the Phillies squad, unless you want Michael Martinez’ sub-.500 OPS.  Domonic Brown should be back soon, but the Phillies do not want to “pressure him” by having him come up and try to carry this anemic offense.
UPDATE 7:41 p.m. - Of course, as soon as Toz wrote this the wheels were in motion to call Brown up. It's certainly not Toz's fault. I heard Charlie Manuel on WIP around lunch time and - though Manuel badly wanted Brown up - even he believed that Ruben Amaro wasn't going to call him up today. - MG

DeRosa is back on the disabled list with another left wrist injury.  Miguel Tejada and Mike Fontenot will take over the left side of the infield until Big Panda (thankfully) returns to the lineup.

Pagan appears to be ready to return to the lineup on Sunday.  He should be active in all formats next week.

Bloomquist is back from the disabled list.  He will return to his very active utility role and should resume fantasy contribution with his speed.

Potential Waiver Pickups.

Schierholtz has put up a .798 OPS in 76 at-bats, which - given the state of offense in the Major Leagues - is not all too bad.  He continues to carve out a little playing time, and could be a useful injury substitution.

Rowand is still playing regularly for the Giants with a .700 OPS.  He has a minor back injury, but there is no reason why he should not continue to play every day.  If someone dropped Rowand, it might be a good idea to pick him up.

Valdez is, for lack of a better term, what he is.  He does not run much, he does not hit for power, but he is better than a complete dead spot for sure.

It looks like Maholm’s start next week will be against the Cubs over the weekend.  He is putting up solid numbers this season (3.67 ERA, 1.278 WHIP), but no one believes.  I am not sure I will take a chance here either, but if the match-up play is available, you should consider it.

Myers has just not been very good.  There are many, many distressing signs: fastball down to 88 MPH; out of zone swing percentage down; swinging strike percentage down.  He is still striking out 7.0+ batters per 9 innings, however, and his line-drive percentage does not support the very high BABIP.  If someone has given up on Myers, you should consider picking him up.

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Toz said...

Since things always happen AFTER I write the Gear Up article, note that Domonic Brown is up and Russell Branyan is waived.