Saturday, April 02, 2011

Home League Auction Weekend

As Mike posted below, we will both be locked up in our home leagues this weekend.  Unfortunately, I've been out of commission the last couple of days due to a car accident; nothing like trying to get home and getting hit from behind.  I know how a couple of catcher felt yesterday.

Quickly on our American League, Mike is certainly in a better value position than I am coming into the auction.  My freezes are: K. Suzuki $9; N. Cruz $27; N. Swisher $13; D. Ortiz $10; T. Cahill $10.

The reality is that inflation is going to eat away at the minimal value I already have.  I never like to go into a season thinking about the following season, but the reality here is without some significant mistakes by the teams in front of me, I'm just going to run out of value.  We shall see.

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