Friday, October 22, 2010

Fun, Non-Roto, Postseason History Stuff

Not including teams that were down 3-0 and Best of 8 series, entering this year 64 teams have entered a Game 5 in the postseason down 3-1.

The outcome in those 64 series:
  • Thirty teams lost in 5.
  • Seventeen lost in 6.
  • Four lost in 7
  • Ten won in 7
If you break this down for League Championship Series only:
  • Thirteen teams lost in 5.
  • Six teams lost in 6.
  • Two teams lost in 7.
  • Five teams won in 7
This is the eighth time in LCS history that two teams were down 3-1 and only the second time both teams forced a Game 6. In 1992, the A's won Game 5 but lost Game 6 to the Blue Jays. The Pirates won Games 5 and 6 but then lost Game 7 to the Braves.

The last National League team to reach the World Series three years running was the 1942-1944 Cardinals. The 2010 Phillies are the 10th N.L. team with a shot at the three-peat.

National League Attempts at a Three-Peat:

YearTeamYear 1Year 2Year 3RecordLDSLCS
1954Brooklyn DodgersLost in 7Lost in 62nd92-52, .597, 5 GB

1957Brooklyn DodgersWon in 7Lost in 73rd84-70, .545, 14 GB

1959Milwaukee Braves
Won in 7Lost in 72nd86-70, .551, 2 GB

1967Los Angeles DodgersWon in 7Lost in 48th73-89, .451, 28.5 GB

1969St. Louis Cardinals
Won in 7Lost in 74th87-75, .537, 14 GB

1977Cincinnati RedsWon in 7Won in 42nd88-74, .543, 10 GB

1979Los Angeles Dodgers
Lost in 6Lost in 63rd79-83, .488, 11.5 GB

1993Atlanta BravesLost in 7Lost in 61st104-58. .642
Lost in 6
1997Atlanta BravesWon in 6Lost in 61st101-61, .623Won in 3Lost in 6
2010Philadelphia PhilliesWon in 5Lost in 61st-97-65, .599Won in 3???

Meanwhile, eight American League teams have reached the World Series three times in a row since 1945, with the Yankees pulling off the feat on five separate occasions.

Below is the complete list, with results of each World Series in parenthesis.

1998-2001 Yankees (W, W, W, L)
1988-1990 A's (L, W, L)
1976-1978 Yankees (L, W, W)
1972-1974 A's (W, W, W)
1969-1971 Orioles (L, W, L)
1960-1964 Yankees (L, W, W, L, L)
1955-1958 Yankees (L, W, L, W)
1949-1953 Yankees (W, W, W, W, W)
1942-1944 Cardinals (W, L, W)
1941-1943 Yankees (W, L, W)
1936-1939 Yankees (W, W, W, W)
1929-1931 A's (W, W, L)
1926-1928 Yankees (L, W, W)
1921-1924 Giants (W, W, L, L)
1921-1923 Yankees (L, L, W)
1911-1913 Giants (L, L, L)
1907-1909 Tigers (L, L, L)
1906-1908 Cubs (L, W, W)

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You can update your statistics...the Phillies have still never played a Game 7 in their playoff history.