Monday, September 13, 2010

A.L. FAAB Log: September 13, 2010

Bobby Cramer $5.
Look up journeyman in the dictionary and Cramer won't be there, as he'll be on the next plane to wherever he's pitching next. The 29-year-old was drafted in the 38th round out of Long Beach State in 2001 by the Mariners, but various injuries kept him from ever making it. He was tremendous this year in Mexico, then was great in AAA Sacramento. For the A's, he's certainly worth looking at to see what they have. For you, this you sticking your hand blindly in the cookie jar and hoping you wind up with a Milano, when it's more likely you're just going to get crumbs. Cramer gets the Royals this week, but this is still a risky play.

Jeff Francoeur $4. Other bid $3.
Francoeur is an awful player in real life and an asset in Roto when he plays every day because of the power and moderate speed. He's been getting a decent chunk of playing time in Texas with Josh Hamilton on the shelf and will probably keep playing regularly down the stretch as the Rangers have all but clinched. Worth a stab if you have a dead spot...or can liberally reserve Hamilton.

Mark Trumbo $2.
Trumbo isn't viewed as a top prospect, but his power has definitely made people sit up and take notice. He slugged 36 HR in AAA this year, and while inflated power numbers at Salt Lake should be viewed cautiously, Trumbo has hit for power at nearly every stop in his minor league career. Kendry Morales is still the starter in 2011 (assuming full health), but Trumbo may be tried in the OF by the Angels next spring. He only had one AB last week, but should play more as the season winds down and the Angels assess their options.

Hank Conger $2.
Conger is more intriguing for next year than this year, as Jeff Mathis isn't a viable Major League hitter and Mike Napoli seems to have worn out his welcome with Mike Scioscia. Conger might initially be one of those boring 5-65-0-.270 guys if he wins the job but could eventually morph into a Kurt Suzuki type down the road. I don't see him as a keep at $10 next year, but no harm in this bid.

Trevor Bell $2. Other bid $1.
The bidders on Bell probably didn't hear the news that Joel Pineiro had a strong rehab start this weekend and will probably wind up talking Bell's slot in the rotation after this Tuesday's start at Cleveland. Bell wasn't impressive as a starter and his future might rest in the pen (though he is still young and could improve).

Brian Bannister $1.
Bannister has been moved to the bullpen for the Royals. He has no value in this role.

Jai Miller $1.
Miller is old for a prospect (25), but some are intrigued by the potential power/speed combo. The problem is that he's a whiff machine and way too unrefined for someone his age. The Royals are giving him a good amount of AB this month, and while they should at least get credit for trying, they historically haven't been the right organization for guys like this to turn it around. For $1, Miller's certainly worth a roll of the dice.

Mark Rzepczynski. Claimed by 11th place team.
Rzepczynski might have a future in the Jays rotation at some point, but this year looks like a recovery/consolidation campaign. He gets the Orioles this week, but I wouldn't play this even for the match-up.

Matt Garza. Claimed by 10th, 9th, 4th (tie), 4th (tie), 3rd and 2nd place teams.
Garza was dumped by the first place owner primarily due to cap issues and the need to pursue other categories. Garza obviously is a huge pick-up if you're contending and can get him at this point. Be aware, though, that he's on tap to face the Yankees in his next two starts, which might not be the most favorable match-up.

Ryan Kalish. Claimed by 9th, 4th (tie), and 3rd place teams.
Kalish has been getting a good chunk of the AB in the Red Sox OF rotation and is thus worth owning despite the subpar OBP. He has a little speed and a little power, and at the age of 22 is definitely worth keeping in mind for 2011 and beyond.

Matt Tuiasosopo. Claimed by 7th place team.
Tuiasosopo has played the role of super sub for the Mariners this year, playing every infield position, and left field to boot. Even for this role, though, his bat has been terrible, and Tui doesn't offer the speed that Major League organizations typically look for in guys like this. Pass.

Darren Oliver. Claimed by 4th (tie) and 3rd place teams.
Another season, another stellar relief campaign by Darren Oliver. He has virtually no shot at saves, but his peripherals and whiffs alone make him worth owning.

Phil Coke. Claimed by 4th (tie) and 3rd place teams.
Coke continues to provide solid numbers out of the pen for the Tigers, and could pick up the odd save or two while Jose Valverde mends (though Ryan Perry looks like the favorite for saves for now).

Juan Rivera. Claimed by 3rd place team.
After a career 2009, Rivera tanked this year. He put up a sub-700 OPS, probably won't be back in Anaheim, and may even struggle to find a starting gig somewhere. The Angels will probably continue to cut into his playing time as they start to give guys like Trumbo and Peter Bourjos long looks.

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