Wednesday, August 04, 2010

A.L. FAAB Supplemental: Peter Bourjos

I normally write these on Sunday. But I'm going to be away this weekend (probably no FAAB log until Monday night at the earliest) and Noah wanted my two cents on Peter Bourjos.

Honestly, I don't know what to make of Bourjos. The big positive about him is that he runs like the wind, and hasn't started getting caught left and right as he's moved up the ladder. His 84% SB success rate is impressive and shows that he could probably steal 20-25 bags in the Majors over the course of a full season at a minimum.

His other numbers look gaudy on the surface, but are probably more a product of the PCL than a sign that Bourjos broke out in a big way. The biggest concern to me is that his BB/AB slipped after showing signs of progress last season. This might actually concern me more in a different organization; the Angels historically have always had very toolsy, low BB guys in their system and Bourjos seems to fit this mold. They've also had players succeed using this blueprint, so it's possible that Bourjos can get the job done. Still, I look at this as a minus.

In the short term, the most important component for Bourjos is opportunity. He is up to play, and even if he starts only 4-5 days a week, his speed alone makes him a valuable commodity. My conservative bid is $15, and in leagues where people have been hoarding their FAAB, that won't get him.

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Anonymous said...

As always thanks much. Bourjos went for $29 in our $100 cap league (but 85% of remaining funds for all the bids on him. I opted for Kalish at $11 because, for better or worse, I have had bad luck with Angel prospects and I already have Borbon (not that he is running much). That, and I needed to spend FAAB on SP, E Jackson (praying Don Cooper can work with him or Ozzie scares him into throwing strikes - which could of course turn into HR at the Cell) and Jeanmar Gomez ($19 and $3).