Monday, July 26, 2010

N.L. FAAB Log: July 26, 2010

Adam Kennedy $9. Other bids: $2, $1.
Kennedy is benefiting from Jim Riggleman’s decision to take at-bats away from Ian Desmond, and the previously four-headed middle-infield monster is now down to three. Kennedy’s production in limited ABs is pretty good – 25 runs and 10 stolen bases. If you need a middle infielder, this is a good place to look (though $9 is a bit aggressive).  Keep in mind, however, that the Nationals may be showcasing him for a trade.

Kenley Jansen $8. Other bids: $3.
Jansen is a 22 year old converted catcher who brings serious heat.  The questions about Jansen coming into this season were two-fold: one, is the slider good enough, and, two, could he throw strikes.  At A and AA this year, Jansen answered both questions, for now, with a resounding "yes." Jansen could quickly take a place in the back-end of the Dodgers pen, though I would not look for Broxton to give up his closer spot any time soon.

Barry Enright $3. Other bids: $2, $0.
Enright put up another solid start this week. He looked like a two-start pitcher this week, but the rotation looks to be in flux. He’ll get at least one start, likely against the Mets, so Enright is not a bad play this week. I was not a believer a couple of weeks ago, but Enright is beginning to make people stand up and take notice.

Juan Gutierrez $2. Other bids: $1.
Gutierrez is a mess. His strikeouts are down, his HR rate is absurd and his ground ball rate is at 30%. The Diamondbacks tried to hand him the closer role, and, apparently, he does not really want it. All that being said, Gutierrez is going to get some saves through the rest of the year, so he is worth a flier.  If you are in a delicate situation with ERA/WHIP, however, I might look elsewhere.

Bobby Parnell $1. Other bids: $0.
Parnell has pitched very well since being called up by the Mets. One very important caveat for anyone looking to pick him up: he is loading up on innings very quickly and is a "wear-down candidate." In deep NL-only 5x5 leagues, he can help you in strikeouts if you are desperate.

Chris Capuano $1.
Capuano is a nice story, but, frankly, he hasn’t pitched very well out of the pen. If Parra continues to stink up the joint, he could wind up back in the rotation, but I would not count on great results there either. I would pass.

Emilio Bonifacio $0. Other bids: $0.
Bonifacio will get a couple of starts with Coughlin out. If Cantu gets traded, he might see a brief up-tick in playing time as well, at least until Logan Morrison comes up and fills out the lineup again.  If you are bidding on Bonifacio, it is for steals; they are hard to find in free agency this time of year, so he is worth a flier.

Ryan Church $0. Other bids: $0, $0.
Church is batting .188 on the year, and there is no reason for him to be on your roster. At all. For any reason.

Ross Gload $0. Other bids: $0.
Gload has turned himself into a solid pinch-hitter for the Phillies. He does not get enough at-bats to make him worthwhile in any format.

Wilson Valdez $0.
The last time I checked, Valdez was ranked 7th in grounding into double plays…in one-half the at-bats of the other “leaders.” Phillies fans are hoping that the Valdez era ends soon; you should feel the same if he is on your roster.

Cole Gillsepie $0.
Gillespie is young and generally overmatched at the plate this year in his limited time. He is filler and nothing else at this point.

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