Sunday, June 20, 2010

N.L. FAAB Log: June 21, 2010

Jeff Suppan $8.
Suppan has taken his tour to the Cardinals in the hope that Dave "Messiah" Duncan can work wonders with his mechanics.  Unfortunately, Duncan cannot give Suppan better stuff.  While his first four-inning stint with the Cardinals went well, today's outing saw him look hittable.  The BABIP is high and the strand rate is low, so you may want to take a gamble on Suppan if you are desperate...desperate is the key word.

Aaron Cunningham $8.
Other bids: $5, $4, $0.  Cunningham came into the 2009 season as John Sickels' third-ranked A's prospect (with a B grade).  He went over to the Padres in the Kevin Kouzmanoff trade this past winter, and has finally made an appearance in a depleted Padres outfield. Cunningham does a little bit of everything: a little power, a little speed, a little average, and a little defense. At 24, he is reaching the stage where he needs an everyday gig to prove himself.  With the number of injuries in the Padres outfield, he should get a short try out and is worth a pick-up in N.L.-only leagues right now.

Vicente Padilla $8.
The Dodgers opening day starter has spent the vast majority of the first half on the DL. I do not think you can expect a repeat of last year's Dodger performance, but he is in a good park. The Dodgers do not generate a ton of runs, but if you are in need of a starter, this might be one of the best options left in your free agent pool.  That's about the best endorsement I can give him.

Sam Demel $5. Other bids: $2, $2.
Demel just came over to the Diamondbacks in the Conor Jackson trade, and, wow, did he walk into the right situation for a minor league closer.  Only a C+ prospect for John Sickels due to some command problems, he tore up AAA Sacramento for a strikeout per inning this year and had a very nice WHIP.  With his scoreless inning, he is immediately the second best reliever in the D'Backs' pen.  I doubt he will jump into the closer's role anytime soon, but he is worth taking a look at.

Chris Denorfia $4. Other bids: $0, $0, $0.
I wrote about Denorfia here.  He is part of that decimated Padres outfield (see Cunningham above), so he'll continue to pick up some ABs.

Jonathan Herrera $3.
Not really a prospect, Herrera is getting a chance to play second for the Rockies as a result of the Troy Tulowitzki injury.  He has a lot of positional flexibility,and can run a bit, so he's worth a flier if you need speed in the short term.

Jason Bourgeois $2. Other bid: $1.
Bourgeois is a 28-year-old minor league grinder. He doesn't walk a lot, so he relies on his speed to get on base. Once he is on, count on him to run.  If he can get any playing time, he is good for some steals.

J.D Martin $1. Other bid: $1.
I wrote about Martin here.  He has exceeded expectations in four starts so far, but still does not strike out a lot of hitters and gives up a lot of fly balls. Martin gets Baltimore this week, so once again he is a good match-up play.

Jason Giambi $0.
Giambi has been relegated to little more than a pinch-hitting role at this point.  He will get a weekend DH stint against the Angels this week, but then will fall back to the bench.

Nick Stavinoha $0.
Stavinoha is just a role player at this point.  He does have two HR in his 51 AB, but there are better options.


T.J. said...

Speaking of Demel, what do you think of Heilman? And how about the 'Stros' Chris Johnson, and his chances of beating out the lousy Pedro Feliz?

Toz said...

T.J. - let me address both of those questions in a post tonight. Good questions.