Monday, June 21, 2010

The Diamondbacks Bullpen, Chris Johnson and other random NL issues

T.J. asked:
Speaking of (Sam) Demel, what do you think of (Aaron) Heilman? 
For Heilman, this is beginning to look a little bit like a combination of 2006 and 2007.  The strikeout rate is down a little bit, but the walk rate is way down from 2008 and 2009.  Ultimately, though, Heilman is giving up too many fly balls and too many line drives to continue to be successful on a consistent basis. In fact, Qualls has a better FIP (his problem is that he can't find the plate, and then gets into hitters' counts). Heilman looks like the man in the short term good for about 3-5 saves, but I could just as easily see Qualls back in the job soon, since Demel is unproven and Juan Gutierrez is a mess.

T.J. also asked:

And how about the 'Stros' Chris Johnson, and his chances of beating out the lousy Pedro Feliz?
For those of you not paying attention to Pedro Feliz (and, frankly, why would you be?), he is having an awful season, putting up two HR and 22 RBI in 240 PAs, with a 246 OBP.  He is so bad right now that his ZIPS projection doesn't even see him improving the heck do you even get rid of him at this point other than a DFA?  Johnson, on the other hand, strikes out a lot, doesn't really walk at all, and the power seems to come and go. In a 500 PA season, I can see him hitting 15 home runs, but not really doing much of anything else.  Johnson's upside is a little better than what Feliz is doing now, but not so much better that I see the Astros doing anything with Feliz in the near term...perhaps by August, Johnson will be there, swinging and missing while putting a decent glove down at the hot corner.

In other news:

Keep an eye on Dexter Fowler.  He is tearing up minor league pitching and, at some point, the Rockies are going to have to call him up and give him his starting gig back. If you have a reserve list, and he is available, you want to get him on that list now.

If you are a John Maine owner, you may want to finally cut bait.  After feeling "uncomfortable" in his last rehab outing (now you know how we feel watching you pitch), the Mets appear to be shutting him down. Someone will take a flier on him after he is non-tendered in the off-season, but any contributions for 2010 appear to be a distant memory now.

And, in a great human interest story, Casey Daigle can go back to doing what he does best: eating up minor league hitters and being married to Jenny Finch (did I get that right?). If you had him on your roster, well, your year hasn't been going very well, has it?  Thanks for the memories Casey, and I'm still jealous.

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Nick said...

What would be a good FAAB bid on Chris Johnson if you have a spot open for him on your roster? I have a $5 bid in right now...