Friday, June 25, 2010

2010 Drew Storen

Searching through the archives, it looks like Toz missed writing a FAAB supplemental for Drew Storen. That's too bad. While Storen isn't quite the high profile prospect that Steven Strasburg or Michael Stanton is, Storen definitely deserves attention in his own right.

So far, his stuff looks about his good as advertised. He throws 92-95 MPH with a maximum velocity of 97. His slider has a pretty good bite and while I'm not as impressed with his curve as some are, it's still a plus pitch. He didn't have much to show in the minors and the Nationals made the right move by calling him up quickly.

Since Storen's call-up, he's been very good but certainly not spectacular. The strikeouts are down and the walks are up, and while Storen has an impressive 2.08 ERA, the FIP and xFIP speak to a pitcher who has been good but certainly not a shut down reliever.

This isn't anything against Storen. Long term, I suspect he'll still have a good deal of value, and he might actually be a decent Major League closer at some point. College closers are difficult to gauge, though, and the prospect lists have been littered with pitchers like Storen who seemed too good to fail and didn't. I believe in Storen, but if you're playing for next year and are targeting players, I wouldn't put Storen at the top of your list, even if you believe that Matt Capps is one-and-done in Washington.

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