Friday, February 13, 2009

CBS Sportsline 2009 A.L. Expert Auction Results

Patton & Company's second CBS Sportsline auction was held this past Wednesday in an online format. Toz carried the flag for Patton & Co. on Tuesday; I did so on Wednesday. The results are posted here.

More to follow.


Anonymous said...

Does this get played out for real money? I can't see Dustin Pedroia going for $40 in anything but a riskless league.

Eugene Freedman said...

Wow. A couple of $50 players. Lots of guys at pretty risky prices.

I can't say I love all of your players, but I do like the composition of the team. Very strong starting pitching. Some real upside players- Sweeney, Rolen, GAnderson, Punto, Branyan,Miguel BAtista and CJ Wilson. WOW! What an endgame. Did anyone else have a pulse. You got so many cheap ABs to just rack up RBI and Runs and even some SB and HR. The BAvg won't be great, but the raw accumulation should be outstanding. And, two presumptive closers for free!!! I've never seen that before.

I think Iwamura, Guthrie, and Matsui are also outstanding. Plus there's really no downside for Gomez at that price if he steals 35. The two best catchers on top of it all. You have to be the team to beat.

I'm not in the Span or Aviles camps, but given the rest of the roster, I have to say you dominated.

Anonymous said...

I'd be curious to hear your comments on the bidding - bottom line for me, it's like nothing you would ever see in a "real" fantasy league. The big stars went for way too much eg ARod & Sizemore at $50+, Crawford, Hamilton, Longoria at $40+ etc. It resulted in solid, middle tier players going for ridiculously low prices eg Bartlett at $3, Rolen & Ellis at $2Byrd & Owens at $1. What gives ?

Eugene Freedman said...

I said this last year. It's an experts league because everyone claims to be an expert, not b/c they know how to win an AL only 5x5 Rotisserie League. Many of the owners are in Stage 1, some Stage 2, and MikeG and the guy from BaseballHQ are in Stage 3, searching for Stage 4.

Most of these guys would be bottom dwellers in most serious leagues.

John said...

Its hard to say...these two auctions are outliers. I think several owners play stars and scrubs in these two leagues because they've seen the endgame play out over the last couple of years. On the other hand, several of these guys are pretty savvy...LABR, Tout, etc., get them more juiced up. I would love to play in a keeper league for several years with them, with some real money on the table. It would be a challenge I think.

Anonymous, what type of league do you play in? I just want to be able to put your comments in to some perspective.

Anonymous said...

I am in a standard 5X5 AL-only keeper league which usually goes 70/30 between hitters and pitchers. Even with 20% inflation, it would be a stretch for the Arods of the world to go for more than $10 in our league. These so-called expert leagues just don't pass the smell test - they would get killed using their bidding strategies against any of my colleagues.

Toz said...

Well, your point about ARod is probably right...unless there is a specific strategy involved, it is hard to bid $50+ on any player.

Stars and scrubs, however, can be a viable strategy. On the other hand, I won the league last year with a viable strategy that translated to this league, along with some good fortune and roster management.

If your American League is that predictable, someone may want to come in with a strong staff and Sweeney.

Anonymous said...

I play in a 4x4 keeper. In the past two seasons, we have seen the top players go for $49 and $52.

Pedroia is available in this year's draft. I can't see him climbing past $30.

Toz said...

Pedroia earned $34 in 4x4 last year. He had 73 extra base hits. 1:1 BB/K. 20 steals. He turned 25 in August 2008.

In a keeper league, with inflation, at 2B, I'll be paying $30 or more for Pedroia.