Monday, September 29, 2008

No Post Mortems Yet

At least not in A.L. or mixed leagues.

The White Sox win yesterday kept some A.L. leagues alive and kicking where there are close races.

Sadly for me, I'm dead in the water. But the race for first is still going, thanks to a Jed Lowrie SB (his first of his MLB career). That steal broke a tie in steals for the first place team, losing him 1/2 a point. The team that broke the tie is now done for the year; he has no Tigers, White Sox, or Twins hitters left.

That tie put an outright hold on first place in play. The first place team is .0002 ahead of the 6th place team in batting average. He's got Miguel Cabrera and Orlando Cabrera on tap today. The 6th place team has Alexei Ramirez and Edgar Renteria (who probably won't play).

The first place team is also one HR ahead of me. The bad news for him is that I've got Paul Konerko, Ken Griffey Jr., A.J. Pierzynski, and Nick Swisher on the White Sox. A net two HR gain swings the category completely.

So he's sweating it out today, as the second place team is mostly rooting for a negative result. Anyone else with their season on the line today?


Rodger said...

First place in my league was not much of a contest. However, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th are separated by one point. The 5th place team is only 3 points out of 4th after having lost 3 points this past week.

My team is currently in 2nd place and several points could change hands in the next 2 days. I lost a point of WHIP thanks to Veras last night...

CBS Sportsline won't let me change my roster for this week.

Jurgen said...

I have a 3 point lead in my AL-Only 4x4 league, but it had been a 6 point lead last week (and indeed for most of September) and was in danger of further evaporating since AVG, SB, W, and WHIP are all so very very close.

Rodger said...

Just yesterday, 2nd and 3rd reversed positions and my lead over the 3rd place team is up to 1.5 points.

It helps to have the offensive star of the game, the Cuban Missile!

nsh said...

14 point lead evaporated each day from Kinsler and Longoria going down. Went down to wire really due to gamble on punting saves for last 6 weeks. Good news is sat some starters and played guys like JP Howell and lo and behold, got a save. To give you an idea of how close it was at end, HR denominator is around 5 (13 team league)and RBI is something like 7.5. Wins even sillier, 2.5 or so. Most fun I had all year was last week calculation of how many starters I could afford to sit and not lose K lead.