Monday, September 22, 2008

N.L. FAAB Log: September 22, 2008

Craig Hansen $3.
I suppose Hansen could enter the closer picture for the Pirates at some point, but he looks to me like a reliever with incredible control issues who is never going to pan out. He's walked 43 in 46 1/3 MLB innings this year. I hope Andy LaRoche works out in a big way for the Pirates; otherwise, I think they gave Jason Bay away for too little, particularly considering the Red Sox were virtually forced to give Manny Ramirez away.

Jason Motte $3.
At first glance, Motte looks like a middling relief prospect who is too old to be a prospect, but he's a converted catcher who only started pitching in the minors at the age of 24. He put up an unreal 110 strikeouts in 66 2/3 minor league innings this year, so he's definitely worth a look despite the 1.35 WHIP. The Cardinals have a better track history with these types of unorthodox moves than most teams (think Rick Ankiel), so Motte could have a significant role in the Cards bullpen in 2009. Could he close? It's possible, so as a flier bid he's worth a stab in the dark.

Jorge de la Rosa $1.
de la Rosa has been up and down but mostly down all year. He has a great K/IP rate, though, and a favorable match-up against the Giants to close out his season. He's probably going to be one of the better SP out there (gasp) in N.L.-only leagues in this final week. As a long term move, I think the Rockies can do better, but you can't completely rule out de la Rosa as a starting pitcher in 2009 either.

Rich Aurilia $1.
Despite the Giants purported youth movement, Aurilia's been starting about 3-4 times a week down the stretch and should get similar playing time this week, particularly with the Dodgers in the race and on the docket for the Giants. He's got power and is worth it if you have a black hole on your roster (in this league, he was picked up for Fernando Tatis).

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