Monday, September 15, 2008

N.L. FAAB Log: September 14, 2008

Josh Roenicke $1.
Roenicke is the kind of sneaky find you pick up at the end of the year when no one's paying attention and hope it works out. He's a 26-year-old minor league reliever with a strong enough fastball that even if he's secondary pitches don't get better, could still wind up in a set-up role for the Reds in 2009. He won't replace Francisco Cordero, but could still be a $2-3 pitcher in 2009 as a set-up. Nothing to get too excited about, but at this point in the year, not a bad pick.

Wilkin Castillo $1.
Castillo only seems like the 4,742nd catcher employed by the Reds this year. He came over to the Reds as part of the Adam Dunn deal. He's off to a hot start for the Reds, but his minor league numbers look like the profile of a Triple-A lifer and not the next Johnny Bench. Castillo does have a versatile glove, so he could provide a little value to the Reds as a 25th man, but I don't think he has the bat to really make an impact.

Jon Niese $1.
I wrote about Niese a couple of weeks ago, but that pick-up was nullified since he wasn't on the Mets active roster at the time. He was shelled by the Brewers in his MLB debut, then pitched a gem against the Braves C line-up in his next start. He gets the Nationals and the Braves as a two-start pitcher this week, but his erratic results thus far suggest that we won't know what to expect, and the Mets rickety bullpen don't even make him a sure wins play down the stretch.

Jack Wilson $1.
Wilson's probably out for the season with a hairline fracture in his finger, so this is clearly a next year play. It's an open question whether or not he'll still be a Pirate next year, but someone will probably coming calling for his defense, particularly a team that looks at BA too much and OBP not enough. If your league let's you keep him at this price, great, but most leagues push FAAB claims up to $10, and at that price Wilson's a guy you should pass on.

Juan Cruz $1.
Cruz is one of those relievers with electric stuff whose downfall is repeated bouts with ineffectiveness. His 1.29 WHIP suggest the same m.o. this year, and he will probably be backing up Jon Rauch next year. He's struggled a little bit recently, and with the Diamondbacks finding new ways to lose every day, won't even be a good wins risk right now.

Greg Dobbs $1.
Dobbs provides value as an occassional fill-in for Pedro Feliz and a pinch-hitter. He's not an incredible power bat, but has enough pop that he can be useful in very deep N.L.-only leagues.

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