Sunday, September 14, 2008

FAAB Supplemental: David Price

I assume everyone knows who this guy is and what is possible ceiling is, so I'll keep this short and sweet and focus more on tactics than on Price's undoubtedly great potential.

If you're playing for this year, Price probably won't do much for your team. He was solid today in relief for Edwin Jackson, but is more likely to pitch in middle or long relief down the stretch than get any starts for your team. Even if the Rays clinch a playoff spot (which they should at some point this week), they'll probably still push to win the division and get the White Sox or Twins at home in the first round instead of the Angels on the road. Will Price get a start? Maybe. But he's not worth a big bid based on that maybe.

If you're playing for next year, the bid is probably $13-15 if you're trying to get him at a keeper price that is even somewhat reasonable. We all know the story with rookie pitchers. Few pitchers earn $20; the number of rookie pitchers who do are an extremely rare breed. Price certainly could be part of that breed, but bidding more than $15 is more of an exercise in pushing his price past the keeper range and making sure he's back in the auction in 2009.

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