Monday, August 11, 2008

N.L. FAAB Log: August 11, 2008

Jeff Karstens $9. Other bids $2, $2.
nwhorton wanted to know why there wasn't more love for Karstens in this league. I figured he'd get picked up after his near-perfect game against the Diamondbacks last week, but even so the bids were still quite tepid. This is a New York-based league, so maybe most of these owners remember Karstens from his New York Yankees days. Rotoworld is right that he's not this good and his junk is more suited to a back-of-the-rotation role, but as I always say, you have to ride the hot hand. And hope that Rotoworld and I are both very, very wrong.

Augie Ojeda $8.

With Orlando Hudson down for the year, Ojeda looks like he'll get most of the AB at second base for the Diamondbacks, unless they make a waiver trade. Ojeda's still one of those limited value guys who doesn't run or hit for power, so he's a borderline claim even if he is a 20-30 AB guy going forward.

Chris Burke $3. Other bid $1.
It seems like I've written about this guy 8,769 times this year. He could get some of the 2B AB that Ojeda doesn't get, but this sub-200 hitter doesn't look like someone the D-Backs would trust with a regular gig right now. Pass.

Geoff Jenkins $2.
At the age of 34, Jenkins looks like a guy who might suddenly drop off the face of the Earth as a hitter, but he has to be owned in Roto leagues. He's a streaky hitter who could still reel of a run of 3-5 HR in a two week span and even if he doesn't do that, he's still got enough power to provide a minor jolt to a Roto line-up in deep leagues.

John Bowker $1. Other bids $1, $1.
Bowker's similar to Jenkins: he's not a very good hitter, but his power means that he should be owned in N.L.-only Roto leagues, especially if you can take the batting average risk. The Giants seem committed to giving the youngsters a longer look, so Bowker's been getting most of the AB over Rich Aurilia for the time being.

Luke Carlin $1.
Carlin smacked a three-run HR today in his first game back up in the majors for DLed Josh Bard. Nick Hundley's probably the better bet for short-term value while Bard is out, but Carlin could also provide value - and AB - while Bard recovers. He was awful in his first go-round with the Padres, but I'm sure Bud Black will play the hot hand; Carlin's performance today may have earned him multiple starts this coming week.

Ryan Madson $1.
Madson picked up a save yesterday against the Pirates, and Brad Lidge admitted that he's dealing with some issue with his shoulder. If Lidge does need to go on the D.L., Madson's probably the best bet for some short-term saves, with J.C. Romero probably going if the Phils are facing a lefty-heavy line-up. Outside of a period where he struggled in late July, Madson's been pretty solid. He should be picked up in N.L.-only leagues until Lidge proves he can go on back-to-back days.

Greg Dobbs $1.
Despite showing the same flashes of power he showed last year, Dobbs is seeing limited AB for the injured Pedro Feliz, with Eric Bruntlett getting a fair amount of starts. Dobbs is the better bet than Bruntlett to produce, but he hasn't done it yet, and it's possible that a bid for Dobbs could result in little or no production. Feliz might be back next week, so Dobbs is a short-term pick-up at best.

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