Sunday, August 10, 2008

Looking for Cheap Speed Late

Over at Ask Rotoman, calmer wonders:
Looking for some sbs and secondarily runs and bave over the last 2 months. (Michael) Bourn vs (Denard) Span? what can be expected????
Ah, mixed leagues.

Since I'm not a mixed league player, I assumed that calmer's league was an anomaly, and Bourn and Span were owned in a majority of leagues. Alas, that isn't so. In CBS Sportsline leagues, Bourn is only owned in 39% of all leagues, while Span is owned in a mere 25% of all leagues.

As a pure speed play, you probably want Bourn. You also run into the risk with Span that he will lose significant playing time down the stretch when Michael Cuddyer comes back.

In one-league leagues, though, these questions are kind of moot. If you're in a carryover league, you have hopefully maximized your roster's potential already and someone like Eric Bruntlett, Miguel Cairo, or Justin Christian isn't of much interest to you (unless, of course, you've just had a player suffer an injury). Each significant contender in my A.L. has maximized both its stolen base potential as well as its roster slots, and a player like Cairo or Christian would be considered a serious downgrade at this point.

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