Sunday, July 27, 2008

N.L. FAAB Log Supplemental: July 27, 2008

Jeff Samardzija
Coming into the season, scouts didn't know what to make of this guy. He had 95 MPH heat, but not much else, and his curve and change were minus pitches. He continued to struggle in Double-A this year, but the Cubs promoted him to AAA anyway, and Samardzija suddenly started throwing strikes. Rotoworld didn't see the same start I did today, saying that he pretty much was relying on his fastball. I saw a guy who looked pretty dominant and had a lot of poise out there on the mound. He's still probably not a good bet for this year, but his heater looks like it's for real and his secondary pitches look good enough if he stays in the pen. I'd bid
$6, but keep in mind that he shouldn't get too many more save opportunities and is probably more of a future play. It's still hard to ignore his long-term potential if you're playing for 2009 and beyond.

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