Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Rototimes - a couple of shout outs

Nate Ravitz at Rototimes is putting together an awesome feature, going through all 30 major league rosters and reviewing every team's bubble guys.

To be sure, this is an esoteric exercise to a some degree. If Lou Merloni makes the A's, I suspect only the Merlonis are going to care. However, each team by team summary is great writing by Nate.

The other thing I like at Rototimes are their
Player Projections. Since I'm a regular contributor/expert drafter for Alex Patton, I can't go so far as to endorse Rototimes' projections. But their projections are free until Friday, so I recommend checking them out now while you can. If you're paying for someone else's projections, the Rototimes projections are a great tool to compare and do a reality check.

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