Thursday, January 25, 2007

Risky pick

It's not JD Closser, but Patton & Company took Chuck James of the Braves with our 8th round pick.


Big Guy said...

This isn't a risky pick Mike. Chuck James won't be a sleeper by the time leagues draft/auction in late March and early April. I like James better in an Auction league where he would likely go for a bid under 10 and then protected so teams can enjoy him over the next couple of years as he gets better. He may have lasted longer in this draft but with the way some of these guys reach for talent, who knows.

Toz said...

Unfortunately, I did not have the pleasure of joining Mike this year due to work committments. If I had, however, the push would have been on for Closser, as we had not drafted a player with the last name of "C" yet.