Thursday, January 25, 2007


Peavy and Oswalt just went back to back in the second round, so we could be seeing a run here. Perhaps I grabbed Carpenter too early, but I figured the late 1st round pick would allow me to grab a masher.

2nd round just ended.

13 Elias Sports Bureau Garrett Atkins (3B COL)
14 Patton & Co. Carlos N. Lee (OF HOU)
15 Roto Times Derrek Lee (1B CHC)
16 Jimmy Rollins (SS PHI)
17 Baseball Info Solutions Jake Peavy (P SD)
18 CBS SportsLine (Gonos) Matt Holliday (OF COL)
19 CBS SportsLine (Tighe) Roy Oswalt (P HOU)
20 Juan Pierre (OF LA)
21 CBS SportsLine (Mack) Andruw Jones (OF ATL)
22 Aramis Ramirez (3B CHC)
23 Rafael Furcal (SS LA)
24 Baseball Prospectus Brian McCann (C ATL)

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