Wednesday, January 24, 2007

CBS Sportsline Draft Tomorrow

It's our fourth year doing it. Each year's gotten worse. Won in 2004, finished 2nd in 2005 and tanked last year (10th). Derrek Lee as our first pick killed us, but we made a lot of mistakes, most famously Toz's odd insistence of taking J.D. Closser in the 12th round. Even in an N.L. only league, this was a bizarre move.

Anyway, I'd ideally like to do some live blogging, but we'll see. The CBS Sportsline rep who runs the league, Eric Mack, is always in an extreme hurry to finish, so it might go faster than I'd like to do a round-by-round analysis as it's happening.


Mike said...

Good luck! It's probably (I guess, certainly) too late for the CBS auction, but I do have an excel sheet that I use for my auction. It allows me to enter bid values, and in the auction, computes the difference between the aggregate actual prices and bid values, letting the user know whether the actual figure is positive or negative. Let me know if you're interested, I can send along the 2006 version.

Big Guy said...

I'm sure you guys will do much better this year. While Closser did find his way onto a NL team, he's 4th on a depth chart so he should be off your radar! Forget the strategy - it's a draft. There's no reason to get cute in a serpentine draft wihtout protection of players. Pick the players who will put up the stats. Good luck.