Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Quick Recap

In light of the flurry of activity today at the Winter Meetings, just a couple of random thoughts.

Jason Schmidt signs 3 year, $47M deal with Dodgers.
OK, I'm cheating here, since this is the second biggest move of the winter so far (sorry, Carlos Lee). However, it does open up the possibility that Chad Billingsley starts the year in the minors if LA doesn't flip Brad Penny.

Joe Borowski signs 1 year deal with Indians
Despite some of the Roto web sites saying he'll have to win the closer job, he is the closer. The Tribe are not the Yankees; they aren't going to pay someone $4M to be a set up. Obviously, injury or a mid-season, white flag trade could change this, but I think the Indians are going to give Carmona and Cabrera another year to establish a pecking order. My money long term is on Cabrera. He's got great stuff and showed flashes late last year of being the stud he was in 2006.

Mets trade Brian Bannister to the for Ambiorix Burgos
Rotoworld was falling all over themselves about Burgos' potential, but he's certainly not going to close at Shea. This is also a guy with a lifetime 1.54 WHIP in 137 innings. He's 22 years old, so he could certainly amount to something, but his value even in deep leagues is going to be limited.

I feel the converse is true about Bannister. R-World was down on him in their write-up today, but I kind of like the guy. Yes, he probably slots in as a #4 SP long term, maybe a #3 if everything breaks right for him. But see my last post. Guys like Meche and Eaton are going to get millions of dollars to be #4 starters; there's no reason for the Royals not to roll the dice here and see if they can't get 170 IP for just over the major league minimum.

Of course, you shouldn't own Bannister on your fantasy team next year.

Of course, someone will at some point.


Toz said...

Rather than post a new post, let me comment on Bannister, Schmidt and Borowski.

From a fantasy perspective, Bannister is the choice of two plans. If you have a strong staff at the end of the draft, or if you are playing for the following year, Bannister might be worth a $1 flier. Otherwise, I would put him on the FAAB list in case one of your pitchers goes south or an injury creeps up. I, for one, think Bannister will pitch well for the Royals, but, like any other Royals pitcher, will have no offensive support and no bullpen help.

Borowski is the closer for now. Keep in mind that he failed one physical already. He is worth a look on draft day, but do not get suckered in - Carmona and Cabrera are necessary cogs in the Indians save wheel, and you will overspend if you try to corner the bullpen. If you have Carmona or Cabrera at good single digit prices, hang on to them.

Jason Schmidt's deal may wind up looking pretty good in the end, given the money for Lilly and Meche. Injury history aside, he is now in a great pitchers park, and he will be a hot commodity on draft day.

Next up - a look at Gio Gonzalez and Gavin Floyd.

Mike Gianella said...

Carmona and Cabrera are definitely worth it if you have them on the cheap in a deep AL only league...didn't mean to imply otherwise. However, keep in mind that owners may have very well lost patience with Cabrera and waived him and Carmona is probably at an inflated FAAB price from last year.

Agree about not cornering the bullpen. I'll talk about strategy more when the season gets closer, but as a rule of thumb cornering bullpens is a bad idea if the bullpen is a weak one.